Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Girl Can Dream

So I'm due in 2.5 weeks and really, that means any day now. My how time flies. With your first baby, you have a big shower and you get a metric ton of stuff. With your second baby (if you know the gender is different from the first child) you might have another shower. My aunt threw me a lovely second baby shower and I got about 50 lbs. of stuff (as opposed to the metric ton). With your third baby, well you don't have a shower typically. At least I've never heard of that. But relative might ask you what you want and when you're starting to cloth diaper from scratch, the answer is easy! Fluffy stuff!

For fun/my mother in law wanted to know what family could get me if they were so inclined/research purposes, I've compiled a list of some of my favorite things I'd like to procure for my *ahem* my baby's diaper stash. I HAD to- my MIL said! Annnnd I love dreaming of diapers/accessories to buy! I thought I'd share in case any of you are just starting out like me and were wondering what products there may be out there/what types of things you may want. There's some factoids peppered in too so we'll just say this is research, okay?

Newborn Stage (Birth-3 Months)
We've decided to primarily use prefolds/covers since little babies don't stay little for long and those tiny All in Ones won't fit past 12 lbs usually. And newbies are generally too small for one size dipes. BUT I do LOVE those little diapers and this is a WISH list, so here's some that caught my eye.

Oh Fitteds. I've heard you called, "the Cadillac of prefolds". You're are small and cute and soft and I hate to cover you up but well, I have to. This one is from Kissaluvs and comes in various adorable colors. I'll take one of each, please. The fitted diapers pictured are actually two different styles but you can see the great color selection. I saw these and fell in love. I've been obsessed with them ever since. I'm in the process of sewing some of my own. I'll post about that when they're done. I don't think anything could be as cute as these though. The colors!

Prefolds: These babies are reminiscent of the diapers my mom used on me... but shaped differently. I'm a fan of the unbleached Indian cotton. You can get a prefold in microfiber, cotton, hemp, and bamboo. The more "natural" the material, the more absorbent. Hemp is the most absorbent by quite a bit or so I've been told. It is also the priciest. I am opting for good ole' cotton for two reasons. 1. Readily available to me at a local shop. 2. Less cash. You need between 18-30 prefolds (depending on who you ask). I'm planning on getting 24 with some All In Ones/Pockets/Fitteds for backup. Newborns pee and poop like it's their job (well, it IS their job) so you go through a lot of diapers in one day. Thus the high number of diapers needed. 

With prefolds, you will need a Snappi or the new Boingo which is just coming out. These replace diaper pins and make it so you don't stab your baby or yourself with a giant piece of metal. 

Covers: I'm liking the Thirsties and Bummis covers for covering up those fitteds. Note- Fitted diapers are like just fluffier prefolds that snap shut like a waterproof diaper except they're not waterproof- they will not hold in the pee/poopslosions on their own. They need covers, which are sold separately in most cases. I know Bummis and several other companies do sell sets. I'm rockin' out single style though. Here are some of the designs I'm digging:

This is a cover with an adjustable rise to fit from birth-potty training. This style has gussets to hold in blowouts. And they're super cute. Here are the Blackbird and Cool Stripe patterns that I LOVE. I have the Blackbird all ready and waiting for that new little bottom to wear. 

There are several different styles of Bummi Wraps (wraps are another name for covers, btw) and I have it on good authority that this style is good for newbies. It features gussets and adjustable sizing like the Thirsties. I love the patterns:
I have several of these as well. A few in NB size and a couple in size small. The great thing about wraps is that you don't have to wash them as much as other diapers, you just wipe them out. If they remained poop/pee free on the gussets, back, etc., one could use one or two in a day with a prefold or fitted diaper. Sweet! That's why prefolds/covers (or wraps) are the most economical way to cloth diaper.

All In One:
The cuteness level of these next diapers are pretty much off the charts. They are so small and so awesome. My mother in law gave me some as an early baby gift and I can't stop looking at them.

They're Lil Joeys by Rump•a•rooz. These bad boys have inner gussets (gotta love the gussets), a snap down umbilical cord area and a weight range of 4-12 lbs. I also LOVE this pattern:

I'm also liking the bumGenius 4.0 in Butternut (Aplix or snaps, don't care. PS- Aplix is like velcro. It took me a while to figure that one out.)

Post Newborn: 3 Months-Potty Time
Oh, this is where it gets crazy. My wish list is substantial. Most diapers that aren't prefolds or fitteds transition from around 7 lbs. to around 35 lbs. using a series of snaps that condense the diaper down for smaller babies or up for larger. I've been using one-sized dipes on my son this way. He's about 35 lbs. I'm getting him (and also the newbie) some larger diapers that go up to 40 lbs. Fit depends on two things- how your child is shaped and how the diaper is shaped. A bit of advice- unless you know that a diaper fits you child great, maybe don't go out and buy a ton of one brand. ;)

I have many brands and different closure types represented here. I'm normally a snap fan though.Why? 1. They don't wear out like Aplix will and 2. If you forget to adhere the Aplix before washing it you won't get a "diaper chain" in the wash. I must say though, Aplix is way faster to fasten. But my son can also just rip them off at will but can't rip off diapers with snaps. It's all about preferences, people. 

Here's a quick list of some of the brands/styles I've got my eye on. Some are All In One (no pocket or insert), some are pockets. ALL are adorable. I won't go into detail about these dipes. Just enjoy the designs. I seriously want everything. My faves are the GroVia Nature pattern and the BumGenius Artist Series!

Note- I don't know the gender of this baby so most are all gender neutral. You better believe there's going to be some pink and purple added if it's a girl. There are also some sweet robot and fire truck prints I'd like for a boy too!


Wool Longies/Shorties
These are great for preventing leakage overnight or anytime, really. The wool is extra absorbent. The top left pants are from and the other two are from Under the Green Umbrella, a shop from Central New York. Here is their etsy shop

I have one of their small wet bags that I use for wipes in my diaper bag. I want a medium for the diaper bag to hold dirty diapers (probably 5 at once if I needed it to) and a large one to just have. They are amazing bags- use them for wet swimsuits/towels and a host of other things! They make good "dry" bags too!

Okay, so that about wraps up my dream list. Okay, no it doesn't. I find new things I want every day but these would be a great start. :) So if you talk to my aunts, tell them what I have my eye on. Thanks.



Christina said...

Just a heads up to hopefully help you out a bit, Kissaluvs are fabulous and hold a lot, but they do make for a huge baby bum! The Grovia AIOs are terribly cute and I have wanted to love them, but with our now 5 week old they have never NOT wicked through to her clothing. Drives me crazy, especially with hoe cute they are!

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