Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chartreuse Product Review- Cleaning Supplies

On my quest for more green in my daily routines, Chartreuse products seemed like the perfect fit! I saw the catalog and immediately zeroed in on this home keeping set. It is a great value and contains a nice variation of products. 

The "Organic Cleaner Set" features Chartreuse All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Air Freshener and Skoy Paperless Towels. It is available in Peppermint Zinger and Citrus and Ginger and sells for $35.95. This set comes in a zippered, reusable mesh bag. (Oh I LOVE reusable bags. I'm currently using this mesh bag to hold all my gluten free goodies I have to bring to the hospital when it's baby time.) The set features three bottles (for the cleaners) that have attractive design and are also reusable. When you reorder say... Glass Cleaner, Chartreuse doesn't send you a brand new bottle. To save on resources, shipping, etc., they send you concentrate that you add water to and put in your existing Chartreuse bottles. The labels have a protective coating to keep them fresh. The bottles also have a spray/stream/OFF function which I found very convenient.

I ordered the Citrus and Ginger set and I must say, I've never had a better smelling bathroom! It's strange, I noticed myself enjoying the smell and I realized that I wasn't afraid to be breathing it in. The smell is fresh and clean and you can definitely smell the citrus. Being pregnant 3 times in 4 years has made me very wary of cleaning products. I didn't realize HOW wary I was till I could clean with something safe to inhale and touch. I didn't feel scared! Also, after my kitchen counters were cleaned and dried, I laid out my daily vitamins and realized that I wasn't scared to do that either! I would never do that if I had cleaned it with Windex or another conventional cleaner. It was really nice to lose that feeling of dread. 

I must say that before using these products, I was nervous about streaking on glass, lack of potency, etc. But my fears were in vain because everything performed fantastically. I'm very happy with the glass cleaner- no streaks, no extra elbow grease needed! The all purpose cleaner works really well too. Leaves a fresh scent. I like that there is a separate bathroom cleaner in this set as well. Like I said- my bathroom never smelled so great! Not chemical-like at all!

I've written a separate blog post about the Skoy paperless towels- that's how much I LOVE them. Love. They are one of my favorite finds of the year and I'm pretty sure people are getting some for Christmas from me. They're gift-worthy. 

A shout out to the air freshener too. Great fresh scent. It's not heavy like many fresheners are. Not scary at all. My husband cringed when I told him this set came with air freshener because he has bad reactions to conventional fresheners. So far so good though. No allergic reactions!

I would highly recommend this set. It's a great value and a little goes a long way. I like the concentrate component as well. This set comes with enough concentrate for 1 bottle each Glass and Bathroom cleaner 2 bottles of the All Purpose cleaner. I told you it was a great value!

If you'd like to know how to order this or other Chartreuse products, check out greensmything.com. Sarah Walker, Eco-Consultant for Chartreuse can help you with your order! Also, don't forget to check out the Chartreuse giveaway here!


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