Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lotus Bumz Review and Giveaway

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Lotus Bumz to review one of their diapers. I was excited to oblige and am happy to pass my thoughts on to my readers! This is a great product and as the slogan says, they are affordable. 

Lorain Herder is the woman behind Lotus Bumz, a WAHM product based in the USA. When she started cloth diapering her baby, she wanted to do what's best for her baby, the earth AND her wallet but found it challenging to do all three with the cost of many cloth diaper brands. She decided to take matters into her own hands and Lotus Bumz was born. Lorain started Lotus Bumz out of a desire to provide quality, affordable cloth diapers to women who want to "help the environment and save money (not to mention use the best product on their child)".

Before trying Lotus Bumz, I had seen them on Facebook and noticed the cute star diaper pattern on their profile picture. That lured me in. A brief scan on the photo page of their Facebook account revealed some more cute prints including more stars prints and monkeys in addition to solid colors. (There are some other super cute patterns on their website! You can check them out here.) The design of the diaper itself appeared to be standard. It wasn't until I used a Lotus Bumz diaper that I saw the difference in the design compared to other diapers on the market. 

One thing I always notice about a pocket cloth diaper is PUL "stickiness". I have a huge pet peeve about sticky PUL because when you try to stuff the pocket of a diaper with sticky PUL, it's difficult. Many diapers have PUL that is smooth on the interior side, making insert stuffing easier. Lotus Bumz uses PUL with a nice, smooth interior. Not sticky at all. It is very easy to stuff. The insert also seems to be sized well for this diaper. Many diapers I get have either gigantic insert that hangs out the back of the pocket or a tiny insert that leaves inches empty in the back of the pocket. My Lotus Bumz diaper (which is a sweet, girly pink color) came with an appropriately sized insert. 
My favorite stand-out feature of my Lotus Bumz diaper was the pocket opening in the back. Why?
1.) It features elastic on both the PUL AND the fleece interior portion that touches the baby's skin. Anyone who has used brands like Fuzzibunz or Happy Heinys knows that many diapers have a pocket opening it just a big, wide gap. When stuffed with an insert I've found that the fleece portion often has excess fabric that tends to stick out the top of the diaper when fastened. You always have to check to make sure the fleece is tucked in or else the moisture will wick into your child's clothing. Personally, I find this kind of annoying. I liked that Lotus Bumz has an elastic fleece potion to the pocket opening because this prevents the extra fleece-to-have-to-tuck-in problem. 

2.) The pocket opening on a Lotus Bumz diaper is also much smaller than other brands like Fuzzibunz and Happy Heinys. This again alleviates the tucking/checking/moisture issue as well as holds the insert in better. It's big enough for easy stuffing but not so big that you have to worry about the insert sticking out. 

I'm very happy with my Lotus Bumz diaper and hope that you try them. They truly are affordable-considerably less than the diapers that I used to contrast features with in this blog post. Definitely worth it! Lotus Bumz would also like to give my readers a chance to try their great product with a...

Lotus Bumz is offering my readers 15% off any order on till 1/15/12! Use code CDC15 (all caps) at check out. Lotus Bumz is also giving away a pair of adorable diapers- one purple stars and one green stars. You know what to do! Good luck!

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