Friday, January 13, 2012

Jessica's Story

When my first son was born almost 5 years ago he had really bad eczema around his diaper area. At the time I had no real clue about cloth diapers so all I bought were these thick pre-folds and some slide on wet pant covers I found at target. This was really hard for me. He was only 5 1/2 lbs and the whole folding then sliding on and off of the plastic wet pant just wasn't working out on his tiny body. Luckily, by the time he was 5 mos old his rash was non-existent and we went back to disposables. When my second child was born she had no skin issues, so we stuck to disposables and happily forgot about cloth diapers and all the issues we had with them. Then our 3rd child Eli was born. He has had serious sensitivities to everything. By the time we came home from the hospital his diaper area was so red and raw, I didn't know if I should put bum cream or Neosporin cream on him. Then one day while I was sitting there watching him sleep, diaper free on a towel with his tiny red bum in the air trying to heal, I cried. I felt helpless so I hit the internet and did some research. I found information on cloth diapers and how beneficial they are. I was over joyed when I found a website called Happy Heinys. I ordered a sample set of 5 diapers and they arrived 3 days later.

Little Eli in his new Happy Heinys diaper

By the morning of day 2, Eli's butt was so beautiful- not one red spot ;0) I was over joyed that I decided that I would never again put a disposable diaper on him. Over the past year I have learned some new tricks and have found a routine that works for me. I also think that talking to other moms who use cloth really helps. Not once did my son's doctor/nurse ever mention cloth diapers. My little baby had open cuts that were bleeding and no one offered any information as to how he could be having an allergic reaction to the chemicals in his disposable diapers. I think that it is very important for us moms to help spread the word about the benefits of cloth diapers.

Jessica is a full time student again at age 30 and has 3 beautiful children who have changed her life. She sees the world differently now and hopes to teach her children how important it is to care for this world and ourselves. 


jess nelson said...

love it! I cried a little remembering how bad his little butt look and how helpless i felt as a mom.

Runs With Trauma Shears said...

I'm totally going to use cloth diapers when I have kids. I'm a tree hugger so helping the environment is a big part of what I try to do :) Yay for cloth diapers!!!

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