Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rebecca's Story

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am a young mom of a beautiful baby girl named Stella! Yes, I said young, I am 23 years old... even the younger generation of moms cloth diaper :) 

So, when my daughter was born she wore preemie diapers. She was only about 5lbs, but on time. She was a disposable diapered baby from that point on until she was 11 months old. A friend of mine, who is also in the "young generation" converted me! At first I wasn't so sure, nor was I sold. I was stuck on the fact of having poop in my washing machine. Then she reassured me and we made the switch! Why did we switch? I was tired of having leak after leak and a wet bed every night without fail! We even had packages of a popular 'sposie diaper that were just defective and the seams on the sides were torn and the adhesives had been ripped off!! Oh, and the smell! Having these poop and pee diapers in our garbage can was terrible! Our whole house just stunk! So we tried cloth and I was the first one to fall in love with it, the man of the house...still needing convincing. At first we tried strictly pocket diapers and found that to be exhausting, so we tried prefolds and covers. Our first set was the FLIP system. If it weren't for them, we both probably would've given up. Now we have a collection of prefolds, covers such as FLIPS, WeeHuggers and Blueberry's. BUT, we also have a selection of pockets including Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz. We use the pockets at night because its easier if she needs a midnight change and were half asleep. It was just a matter of trying and figuring out how the whole cloth system works! There are so many varieties, it can be overwhelming. We choose FLIP to start with because they are very affordable covers and inserts, either prefolds or stay drys come in starter packs! So we got our first kit from a local store. It had 2 covers and 6 organic prefolds. We chose the prefold over the stay dry inserts because our daughter is a heavy wetter. We also choose snap closure at first because they initially last long than Velcro. We do have some that are velcro closure, just because they had prints and are so darn cute!!
Little Stella rocks some of her cute diaper looks

Cloth diapering can seem so hard, confusing and overwhelming, trust me, I have been there. About a week into trying out our new FLIP system, I was golden and good to go! It was so much easier, and we had NO MORE LEAKS!! What a huge sigh of relief. And, after a month or so, we got our whole stash organized between our pockets, covers, prefolds and reusable wipes...the man even tried it and now likes this much better. Not so hard on his wallet and he thinks they are cuter as well :) For laundering, it is done every other day unless we have a bad day of poop! But, even then we do laundry almost everyday anyway, so a little bit more isn't so rough. We both have found it to be less stressful, cost effective and fun! We are glad we switched and will cloth diaper our next child from birth! Especially now that we know they make diapers small enough for a 5lb baby!

My advice for you, a new mom or dad to cloth, would be simply this..."don't judge a book by its cover, you may miss an exciting adventure". Also, do your research, find local cloth diapering classes and don't be afraid to ask questions! I am now a cloth diaper expert and teach classes at a local cloth retailer; I never thought that would have happened!! Ever!


Rebecca is a young mother of a 20 month old daughter. She loves photography! She has a small photography business and crafting business making tutus, custom onesies and babylegs. She works part time at a local infant and childrens store and teaches cloth diapering classes. She grew up in New Hartford, NY and lives there still with her family.


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just stumbled upon your blog and I'm excited to follow along! I'm due with my first baby in May and excited to try/learn about cloth diapering! :)

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